Hi, I'm Ben Remnant
Front & back end
web developer
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Ben Remnant
Front & back end web developer
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About me
My Recent History
About MeHi, I'm Ben Remnant. I live in Upper Hutt in the Wellington Region. I am currently a self employed, full stack web developer. I am self motivated & passionate about all things development.

In my spare time I build and program IoT devices with arduino microcontrollers.
My Recent HistoryOver the past few years I have been freelancing. Originally designing and developing Danfoss NZ's partner collaboration website.

This website has been the source of the majority of my income as it is the biggest project I have done. Danfoss NZ still requests new features and employ me to maintain the server and the website.

Over this time I have picked up a few smaller freelancing projects to increase my income but I am now looking for a more full time job for stability.